PHP Web Developer job in Baner Pune


PHP Web Developer

Experience : 3 to 6 || Salary : 25000 to 45000 || Employment Type : Permanant
Job Location : Baner, Pune - 411045

Posted : 357 days ago | Openings : 1 | Job Applicants : 1


Company Profile

We are a boutique market intelligence and strategic consulting firm dedicated to attaining extensive knowledge of the market to have a meaningful impact on industries worldwide. Our stellar estimation and forecasting models have earned recognition across the business realm. The extent of our services accommodates diverse sectors of the market, assists industries looking to incorporate other regions and products in their operations, and caters to a widespread clientele, which includes numerous behemoths from the Fortune 500 companies. Our firm possesses well-established expertise in rendering comprehensive market insights and optimal corporate strategies for our clients based on a thorough examination of the tendencies of the market.

Founded on 5th October 2017, we have come a long way in a short amount of time. Over the years, we have established offices in the cities of Pune and Kolkata, with plans to expand to other regions in the pipeline. We aim to extend our workforce to over 200 employees by the year 2020. Our company is headed by members who worked extensively in the industry for many years before building this company from the ground up. Our employee strengths map the entire spectrum of the business, with both fresh and mature talents in our team. The main pillars of our firm are our analysts who rely on their experience to formulate solutions that are integrated with the ever-changing trends of the market. Our analysts are conversant in multifarious disciplines of the market and they employ their knowledge in structuring our offerings to fulfil all requirements of our clientele. Neophytes gain valuable exposure from their leaders who walk them through the market dynamics by providing hand-holding support and help them understand the intricacies of our field. Our organization nurtures young minds by providing them with complete insight into the workings of the industry.

Our team of in-house experts is well versed in different sectors of the global market and relies on its proficiency to draw accurate market insights and deliver optimal solutions to our clientele to help them make lucrative business decisions. Since our inception, we have garnered valuable experience in the industry with in-depth knowledge of numerous business verticals. We strive to augment our database with wide-ranging market segments to cater to our audience engaged in those industries. We are also branching out to keep up with the advancements in the global business. Our brightest minds are constantly working on augmenting and upgrading our database with numerous projects pertaining to different industries that come under the umbrella of our services. We pride ourselves on various fresh projects, relating to novel concepts like Business Intelligence and other analytical models, which, upon publication, will help diversify and intensify our footing in the industry.

Our organization gives the utmost importance to a healthy work environment and job satisfaction. We believe that striking a balance between work and personal life is the only way to achieve optimum productivity. The work culture in our firm encourages teamwork, allowing individual employee strengths to be utilized thoroughly. With our joined efforts, we aim to become an all-encompassing market research and consulting agency. We deliver reports with unparalleled efficiency and have our eyes set on, ultimately, becoming the best market research and consulting agency in the game. Above all, we focus on catalysing our clients journey to succeed in their target industry.

Job Role

Web Developer

Responsibilities / Job Summary

  • Development of web site of PHP Larvel framework
  • Maintainance of current web site
  • Working on CRM
  • Other Tasks

Required Qualifications

Graduation is compulsary


25000 to 45000

Key Skills


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